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Its not the economy stupid
Stopping Fracking and drilling and mining it our last best chance.
When God was a refugee
You never know who these refugees are When they were killing all the babies in Judea, Egypt let in the Christian God and saved him. I Don't know how that will pan out for them in the long run.
Chipping Snorton
In the hot sultry streets of Chipping Norton spys and thugs and sleazy journalists lurk in the shadows, but David Cameron stayed on the straight and narrow, rose above his sleazy neighbors.
The Problem with Time Travel
Its quite possible to walk back in time, but you will have to be pacey, and overcome that light speed limit...
Muslims Are
I keep seeing people say what they think Muslims are , I know a few, and they are all pretty different
Tougher sentencing on CRIME
Birthing is all about the science and the medicine and the magic the whole primogeniture of the thing ...what else oh yeah free cigars!
Viva la Revolution
No mas Paytrones painted here 30 years ago when the people got the land back and no one is going to paint it out. Still there 70000 dead Indians later.
The pains of being frank lamb
The pains of being Frank lamb by The Mono Sideboards Great Liverpool Indie Band Follow the link to Band camp or stream on spotify.
People Smugglers
Identified crossing the Alps
Some Say the Paris Summit is the Last Chance Climate Summit, but it is only capitalism's Last Chance. People will defend the planet when it becomes obvious that no one is defending it for them.
2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21
Getting rid of Trade Barriers against using growth hormone, Animal welfare , food safety. American corporate lawyers will decide what you eat, as it worked so well for them.
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